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I have big goals which need my action to come to fruition and currently, I have been struggling with how fast I take action on them. I am fully capable. In fact, I am going to fucking rock this. It’s within my capabilities, and I will change lives for the better, including mine, my husband Trey’s, and our family’s, which is my dream.

First, I gather relevant information, remembering to breathe, and THEN identify the specific, daily actions to take to reach my goals. Sometimes I seek counsel from a mentor or coach before taking action. Sometimes the right actions or choices are immediately clear to me. Sometimes I have to take time to reflect on the best way to proceed. Either way, taking action is critical.

Once my daily actions towards my goals are identified, I can’t let distractions derail my efforts. This is an area in which I often struggle.

Let me give you an example.

I am walking out the door to go to the gym. I walk by a pile of laundry and instead of saying, “I’ll take care of that after I go workout”, I feel compelled to do it immediately. Why? Because it’s easy. I’m not saying I LIKE doing laundry, but it’s right in front of me, and the gym takes getting in the car and going. Ya hear me? I can totally do the laundry later. But BOOM! All of a sudden, I have made my going to the gym less of a priority, less urgent. The thing is, going to the gym daily and consistently gets me the results I want: lower stress, more focus, motivation, better sleep, WAY better moods, and a tight ass. Doing laundry? Not so much. I can also delegate that shit to my kids but that requires giving up control and that’s a whole other topic.

Distraction is probably my biggest struggle and my thinking and behavior in dealing with distraction is evolving. I’m not there yet, but working on it daily. One tool that helps me with it is to make a list of actions that move me towards my goal, do the really important shit first, THEN the stuff that’s not moving me towards my goal, but still needs to get done (laundry, picking up the house, shopping for and preparing meals, and napping!!)

Another struggle I often deal with is comparing my pace to the pace of others around me. For instance, Trey and I are building our dream business together – Evolve Coaching. We are both equally excited about it and have 100% belief it is our life’s work. I can visualize us in our successful and fulfilled state, and that is my “why” of all whies!!

Now when Trey has a goal, he seems to be able to immediately identify the things needed to create his daily action plan and he moves forward. He wastes no time getting into action (at least that’s what I tell myself). Since he “wastes no time”, I suddenly feel like a procrastinator, or that I am being lazy, or feel like I’m being easily distracted. These are labels I am placing on myself and they are all lies. I also worry that Trey sometimes thinks I’m not as excited about the business we are creating together. So I asked him about it and he doesn’t think (or act) that way at all.

Today, I have my day planned out and have completed 2 of the 5 actions on my list – rowing at the gym for 30 minutes while feeding my brain with knowledge, and putting focus into this writing. I am evolving at my own pace. Find yours, embrace it, and never quit!!!