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The following words are my feelings and beliefs, my intention is to spread inclusivity, so if you feel like posting something to perpetuate divisiveness, please refrain:

I live in Texas. I love my home state. I loved and admired Ann Richards when I was a kid. I did a project on her once and got an A!  I also love the Bushes, especially Laura, and George W. I love Austin, and I love my hometown of Fort Worth, they’re very different cities. Fort Worth is pretty conservative, and Austin is like most State Capitols, pretty liberal.

I also love the other parts I’ve been to in the US, and places I have traveled all over the world. I always learn something new if I get to know people, and people surprise me all the time.

I have very close friends on both sides of the aisle. Some, like me, fall somewhere in the middle.

I made a decision a few years ago to keep my personal political beliefs off social media, because I prefer to keep things friendly and loving, inclusive and positive. I never want anyone to feel like they don’t belong. Anyone. A safe space.

We don’t have cable, so I don’t mainline news anymore. I don’t follow any political pages on the internet. I have left all the groups focused on politics. It just became so boring, predictable, and uninteresting to me. I do like some late night talk shows, as long as they’re funny. 

That doesn’t mean I “have my head in the sand” I just don’t need it in my head, in my face, or on my feed all day. If I want to know something, I’ll search for it, and I check my sources. 

I do care, and I am interested, but I don’t glue myself to it all day. I checked the polls last night for instance, and they were pretty much what I assumed, so I watched “Hunters” with Trey on the sofa, and crawled into bed. 

I have never felt better after a political rant on social media. It is never productive. It ends with anxiety, hurt feelings, and frustration.  Who WANTS that? Not me!

For those who don’t know me THAT well, you can look back in my history when that wasn’t the case and dig, but why? So you can find how we are different?  I used to feel differently, and I gotta tell ya, the way I feel today keeps me pretty calm, and happy.

I truly want to like people, and unless you do something really awful to me, that will stand.  No matter who you freakin’ vote for.

Who you vote for is a really dumb reason to not be friends with someone, but I see it a lot.  Kind of a bummer. We all have shit in common. Political beliefs are just one facet of an American, unless you are an extremist, and you allow your politics to guide everything you think, feel, and do. 

I don’t want or invite debate to MY Facebook page, and I scroll past the ones who do, or I unfollow them.  

I don’t block, I don’t unfriend, I simply “Snooze for 30 days”, or “unfollow” both are great options for me, and I do it periodically, if something triggers me, and I feel anger well up in my belly, or get the urge to chime in. I have blocked people, but not over politics. That’s dumb.

Contrary to what some might personally believe, there are perfectly rational people those who lean left would NEVER assume would vote for Trump, who think his antics are embarrassing, but they like the tax breaks, and some of his (mostly fiscal) policies. They are not all “super rich” and “out of touch”. 

I have some very close, very well educated, kind and giving friends who are voting for Trump.  They volunteer, they help others, they’re not racists. They recycle. They care about women’s rights, and believe all people should be allowed to love who they love. Some are even vegetarians! 

The jackoff idiots at his rallies that make the news, and the ones who take to social media and insult people are not the norm, those are extremists. They follow him for his hateful rhetoric. 

The others look past his personality because at the end of the day, they like what his policies do to allow them to keep more of their money. Hard to sway that.  

There are also friends of mine who are Bernie supporters, Biden supporters, and Warren supporters,  and they all have jobs, work hard, pay taxes, and love America. They’re not all socialists, commies, or “Libtards” 

Some of my liberal leaning friends are even ( GASP!) responsible gun owners, who will not sacrifice their right to bear arms.

Just because people own guns, doesn’t mean they don’t care about how rampant mass shootings are. It doesn’t mean they are going to insensively walk in to a Target with a semi automatic rifle strapped to their back wearing camo just to prove a point. (Those people are nuts, I don’t care what side you’re on! )

Some liberal dems who take to social media and say things like “if you voted for Trump, unfriend me now” or use the word “Trumptard” or spend precious time spouting off about how his supporters are “brainwashed idiots” or “deplorables” are not really helping things. When they post about how full of hate and vitriol Trump is, It’s just more hate and division, and fans the flames of “I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up and think like me or you’re an idiot!”

Brene Brown said, in “Braving the Wilderness” that it’s hard to hate someone up close.  The hate that people sling on social media at each from both sides gets pretty ugly. We have seemingly lost the ability to calmly debate, and learn about each other without some eye rolling, or high horse riding.  If those same two people run into each other at Macy’s or the gas station, I seriously doubt they’d be as vicious.  If one of them lost a child, they’d probably help the other one find them, and celebrate when the child is found. 

I used to really get pissed off about political crap. I got all riled up. I was super judgy of anyone who believed differently than me. I stayed in an echo chamber, where all I ever heard was how “they” are wrong and “we” are right. If I really take a hard look and list my core values, and compare those with someone else’s I will always find similarities. ALWAYS. 

Wanna find out what your core values are?

What are my Core Values (21 question quiz)

This post is not intended to sway anyone’s opinion one way or another, and I hesitated posting it, at all, but I post what I feel, and that’s impossible to argue with. My feelings, that is.

My hope is Americans can work together towards understanding one another, in an election year, that’s pretty pie in the sky, but a girl can dream. 

Don’t be a bully. Don’t judge. Think before you press enter. Anger is like all feelings, it’s not permanent. But typed words on the internet are. Even if you delete something, it can be screenshotted and misinterpreted.

You may have things in common with someone who’s political beliefs differ from yours, and you’re missing an opportunity to grow and evolve if you dont try to find them.  Feel free to comment and share, but please do it with a kind  and open heart, and not a judgmental one. 


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