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Positive mindset? Our very way of life has been threatened on a global scale. Lives have been lost. Jobs have been lost.  Businesses have folded or are struggling to keep the doors open.

We are individually and collectively grieving these losses. We experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately acceptance, just as if we had lost someone close to us. And because of the extreme uncertainty, we anticipate future losses and grieve those as well. This isn’t drama. This is happening.

When I tell people in the midst of all of this that a positive mindset is more critical now than ever before, I am met with mixed reactions. Some agree with me. Some become understandably angry. Some laugh sardonically.  I’ve learned that the negative reactions are largely due a lack of understanding of what it means to have a positive mindset.

Having a positive mindset does not mean that you’re always happy. It doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear, anger, sadness, loss, or pain. Having a positive mindset means having a core belief that no matter how difficult the situation is or becomes, things will improve. It is knowing that better times are ahead.

Also, having a positive mindset does not mean that you believe everything will be exactly as it was before. That would be unrealistic. You can absolutely be a realist and have a clear, positive, and energized mind, even in the midst of what is happening around us.

So, acknowledge your fears, anger, doubts, and uncertainties. When those emotional waves hit, allow yourself to feel them. Talk about them. And let them pass.  Experiencing these feelings doesn’t mean you’re weak or “less than”; it means you’re human. 

This is not the end of the world, and although things will never be exactly as they were before, they will get better. Could they get worse before they improve? Absolutely!  But this will all ultimately pass and a positive mindset is key.

In the interim, focus on the things you can control, prioritize your needs and responsibilities, and execute daily.  We too often spend our time and energy focused on things we cannot control.  Shift your focus to what you can control and prioritize accordingly.  Then execute with purpose as our actions ultimately define us.  Remember – focus, prioritize, and execute.  This will move you forward in life, even during these extremely difficult times.   

Also, look for the positive things taking place around you.  Search them out.  Our world is largely what we perceive it to be, so include positive items when feeding your perceptions. And do something – help someone, check on others, lend an ear.  If you want a positive mindset, take positive action.  Do positive things, even if you’re not “feeling it”, which most of us aren’t at the moment.

Lastly, take care of yourself during these difficult times.  Make yourself a priority.  You are no good to your family, friends, co-workers, anyone, if you run yourself into the ground, physically and mentally.  Stay safe.  Stay strong.  This shall pass.

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