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Fear. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Fear is exactly what kept me in an unfulfilling and unhappy marriage way longer than I should have. Fear that I was unemployable after being a stay at home mom for years.

Fear of losing friends and community.

Fear that it would devastate my kids, and they’d never forgive me for breaking up their home.

Fear of the stigma.

But here I am, just 5 years later, and not one of my fears came true. None of them.

Fear keeps us safe ( from bears or poisonous snakes) but fear can also keep us small, keep us unhappy, keep us from enjoying our life.

Fears of other people and their intentions keep us from truly connecting with one another.

So does fear of what others will think of you, your lifestyle, who you love, your beliefs, and your dreams.

You’re lying if you say that you do not pause before saying something around a particular person ( you know the one) for fear of being judged, shamed, disliked, or retaliated against.

We all do it. ( unless you’re a complete narcissist, but that’s for another post)

What fears are you facing?

What fears are keeping you from really living full out?

What fears are keeping you from living unabashedly, on your terms, chasing YOUR dreams, not just whatever you think society expects you to do.

What is something you’ve always wanted in life, whether that’s a feeling or a sailboat?

What fear is holding you back from getting it?

And don’t think I am “fearless”. I have fears, plenty of em. I’m very much a work in progress, but I AM aware that when I am feeling stuck, 9/10 is due to some fears and limiting beliefs about shit.

That’s where the work is.