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Trey always makes me feel beautiful and sexy, and I believe he truly sees me that way. I have worked hard on my fitness, and I feel like for my age I look pretty good, but I have to be brutally honest here; I see my flaws. 

I have a pot belly, c-section scars, and a crooked appendectomy scar. I have cellulite, weird veins, and splotchy sun damage on my legs. 

My skin is pretty great but my pores are big, and I have lost volume in my face and lips. My neck is saggy. My hair is thinning, and despite my best efforts, it’s getting thinner. It’s hereditary, so aside from Rogaine and a great haircutter, I can’t change it. 

He doesn’t see that. Most people don’t.

Here’s my theory. 

When we look at other people, we don’t see the crap they dislike about their appearance. We see the good stuff. We see the glow. We see the sparkle in their eyes. We don’t see their insecurities – especially those we love. When you love someone completely, we don’t see the belly rolls, or the varicose veins. We don’t notice the thinning hair. 


Our own insecurities cloud our true vision of ourselves. We cover up what we don’t like, and we pick apart the things we can’t cover up. It’s always easier to spot flaws and gross bits in ourselves because maybe we don’t love ourselves completely. That takes practice. We have to undo our flawed thinking. 

I know we aren’t supposed to, but we compare ourselves to others and because we don’t see their insecurities, it isn’t a realistic comparison. 

Social media has definitely skewed our reality. People only put their good poses on social media. Some use filters to smooth their skin, and whiten their teeth and eyes. There are apps where you can change your body shape.  

I posted an unedited photo yesterday, but it’s from the back. My back is strong and muscular, and lifting has perked up my butt and created a v shape in my back that makes my waist look smaller, the veins and cellulite are not visible. 

So, today I have decided that I am going to start loving myself as others do. I will continue to create the best version of 52 year old Amy, and I will love her completely. I will speak to myself as I would speak to someone I love. It’s a practice. With consistency, I will begin to believe it.

What do you love about yourself? 

Can you make focusing on that a daily practice? 

Do you have deep insecurities you may need help bringing up to the surface, so you can examine and debunk them? 

Everyone has stuff they don’t like about themselves. Everyone. EVERYONE. So don’t lie and say you’re 100% happy with your body, face, skin, hair, or overall appearance. I’ll bet Angelina Jolie has insecurities. I’ll bet Zac Ephron has ‘em. And you KNOW those Kardashians do. 

Work on yourself, from the inside and the outside, because we are all aging. How we handle it is entirely up to us.