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By on January 28, 2020


Our purpose is to inspire people to evolve, connect, and grow in all aspects of their lives and to empower them to live authentically.

  • Evolve coaches partner with our individual and group clients in a variety of settings to identity exactly where our clients are now, where they want to be, and the things that are standing in their way.

  • Our coaches then work closely with our clients, providing proven tools and insights clients need in order for them to develop the actionable steps required for success.

  • Lastly, our coaches follow up, holding our clients accountable for their progress while continuing to work with them to ensure a successful outcome.

How It All Began

Evolve Coaching Group is the shared vision of Trey & Amy Ramsey.  As professional coaches, they have a passion for people, life, and growth.

When they met in 2017, Trey was a former law enforcement officer who held an executive position with an oil and gas company.  Amy was a former professional dancer and entertainer who lived and worked all over the world during her tenure with Disney, and a business owner.  On the surface, it appeared as though they had nothing in common.  But underneath, they shared a powerful connection neither of them could deny.  They married over a year later.

After starting their new lives together, Amy and Trey soon realized they have a common purpose; they want people to know that everyone has the power to change, that authentic connection is possible, and that personal growth is the gateway to success.  To live their purpose, they needed a framework to provide people with relevant insights and tools, space for people to learn how best to apply that information, and some means of creating accountability to ensure success.  So, they went to work and on October 1st, 2019, Evolve was born.

For Trey and Amy, connecting with and empowering people is what it’s all about.  And through Evolve, they are growing a community of like-minded coaches who share that passion, all from different disciplines.  Every human being is unique, each with different needs and preferences.  Some will resonate with certain coaches while others won’t.  By partnering with different coaches from different backgrounds, Evolve is able to tap into the strength at the core of humanity – our diversity – and help people everywhere effect positive, lasting change in their lives.

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