management consulting services

management consulting services


How are you developing your managers, supervisors, and other employees to insure both their success and yours?

What are you doing to build leaders in your organization?

Right now, do you have people prepared to fill key leadership, management, and supervision roles in your business units in the event of unforeseen change?

How do you go about communicating down and across your organization?

How do you ensure your messages are level-appropriate and level-effective?

What tools do you employ to make sure you are reaching the right people with the right message?

Whether it’s a leadership / management development program, training program, communication plan, or succession planning, we partner with you to build the solution that best fits your organization and people.


Are your managers and supervisors truly empowered to make decisions and effect change?

Are your standard operating procedures up to date? For each business unit? Who owns the SOP development process?

What’s your process for onboarding and training new-hires?

Are your support and back-office functions structured in an operations-centric manner?

Do your operations managers and supervisors view your support teams as partners in decision-making, or a bureaucracy that has to be tolerated?

Your policies and procedures should be structured to facilitate production. Support functions should enhance operations, not impede them. We work with you to streamline and optimize structure and policies to increase operational efficiencies.

management consulting services


Do you have a strong sense of community or a fragmented organization comprised of teams who compete against each other as opposed to working together?

In what ways do you build trust among your managers and supervisors?

Do your employees know that being responsible for organizational outcomes is altogether different from being held accountable for their role in the process?

Answers to these and other questions help you assess your current culture and gauge your level of community. Culture isn’t created overnight and changing it requires planning, effort, and time. Creating a healthy sense of community can increase performance, production, and efficiency while improving morale and lowering turnover.

At Evolve, we partner with you to plan and execute sustainable culture change and build a strong sense of community in the workplace.

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