No Brainer

5 minute read “An easy or obvious conclusion, decision, solution, task, etc.; something requiring little or no thought.” (according to Webster’s) If it’s hot outside and you have been working hard in the heat, you’re probably thirsty, right? (Right.) If someone, a good friend or … Read More

Colder Days

4 minute read I do not, nor will I ever, have this all figured out. Being a personal development coach doesn’t mean I have life all wrapped up, figured out, and have all the answers. I don’t have all the answers. What I … Read More


5 minute read Friday, I had to call my dad to tell him I was coming by to get a few things I realized were in a closet over there. Before I even picked up the phone, I started to feel agitated. Testy. … Read More

Communicating Your Vision

3 minute read If you are leading a business or organization, especially through difficult times, and you don’t have a clear vision and purpose established for it, you’re setting yourself up for failure, or at the very least marginal performance. Let’s say you … Read More

Opening the Closet

7 minute read I had a great childhood.  Looking back, I remember having a lot of friends from all walks of life, riding my bike, taking dance, and gymnastics. I loved lipsyncing in front of my mirror to Donna Summer, Sonny and Cher, … Read More

Beyond Repair?

2 minute read When someone you know fucks up, makes poor choices that hurt others, cheats, lies, drunk texts someone, or steals, do you brand them a cheater, liar, alcoholic or a piece of shit person in general?  What if they apologize, make … Read More

Shitty Little Self-Saboteurs in my Brain!

3 minute read Trey and I just registered for the JRNI Catalyst Intensive coaching certification program, which starts October 20th.  Just this step, alone, has sent ripples of positive change into the universe but inevitably, fear and doubt seep into my thoughts. WTF?!?  I KNOW … Read More

Distraction from Action

3 minute read I have big goals which need my action to come to fruition and currently, I have been struggling with how fast I take action on them. I am fully capable. In fact, I am going to fucking rock this. It’s … Read More

Professional Coaching and Consulting
Evolve Coaching Group

In addition to our professional coaching and consulting services, we provide highly engaging and dynamic training for our business clients. Our model of blending your culture and our content is highly effective. We combine that model with a delivery style … Read More

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