What negative thought patterns and behaviors are holding you back?

What are your core beliefs? Do they align with your actions?

Learning to accept ourselves as we are, instead of comparing ourselves to who we “should” be is critical to our fulfillment, success, and happiness.

Let’s work together to create a vision of what you want your life to look and feel like, whether that be with work, family, friendships, or romantic relationships.

Then let’s devise a plan and start taking daily actions to make that vision a reality.


Are you constantly trying to please others in order to make them feel more comfortable?

Do you say “yes” even though you do not have the bandwidth to take on anything else?

Are you remaining silent because you believe your words have no real value, or you feel you’re not “enough” (smart enough, educated enough, interesting enough)?

Asking questions while uncovering and amplifying your strengths is empowering.

Recognizing your false beliefs about your lack of awesomeness, and learning that you ARE enough, brings agency and allows you to set healthy boundaries.

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Regardless of whether it’s with a friend, partner, spouse, or co-worker, our ability to connect authentically with others is key to our growth.

At Evolve, we will collaborate with you using proven tools from Gottman, Positive Psychology, the 7 Love Languages, and other sources, to build deeper connections, create empathy, and set healthy boundaries. We work through the process of self-discovery and help you develop a plan that moves you both toward feeling safe, calm, and relaxed in your relationships.

For couples, progress can be made in your relationship regardless of whether you attend sessions alone or with your partner; your RELATIONSHIP is our client, and that’s what we focus on strengthening.