Whether you’re online, in the office, at the shop, on location, the importance of good leadership cannot be underestimated, especially during difficult times.  This course explores the psychology of leadership and how leaders can use these principles to be more effective in their roles.

This is a half-day, instructor-led class delivered in person or online that focuses on managers, supervisors, and those in matrix management or related roles. Class sizes between 8 and 20 are optimal.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Leadership – definition and qualities
  • Positive Psychology – the effects of positive & negative emotions on us, our teams, and on overall performance
  • The importance purpose-driven, authentic leadership
  • Mindset (what’s behind it, what affects it, how it affects us, how we shift it to become more effective in our roles)
  • Uncertainty and what we can and cannot control
  • Increasing our influence, communicating with results, and reaching desired outcomes
  • Decision-making and empowering employees