Are you are negotiating with a peer on a project deadline? Engaging a customer? Trying to get your team to buy into performance expectations? Sending out a company-wide email? Whether it’s a senior leadership team meeting, one-on-one, toolbox meeting, or a group text or email, communication is a critical component of success. Your communication process should be focused on achieving desired outcomes, and this course explores the tools and tactics that you, your team, and your organization can begin using immediately to communicate more effectively.

This is a full day, instructor-led or online class for employees at any level. Class sizes 6 and up are optimal. Content can be customized to target specific business needs or levels of management.

This course covers a number of topics included, but not limited to:

  • The definition and types of communication
  • The benefits and pitfalls of electronic communications such as email and text messaging and best practices
  • The critical role and importance of our body language in communication
  • Tools such as mirroring, the tactical use of empathy, and reframing and their application
  • The importance of active listening in the communication process