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By on January 28, 2020

The time our managers and supervisors spent with Trey discussing leadership, mindset, and the psychology behind all of it was very helpful! The questions he asked and the discussions we had helped us clarify our vision for our operations team and the tools and insights he shared will make us all more effective in our roles.
Regional Director
Meeting with Amy was super helpful for clarifying my goals and next steps. She’s both personable and professional – exactly what one would hope for in a coach. She was able to quickly pull together some of my vague ideas about my future and distill them into actionable bullet points. Now, instead of just dream for my future I have a road map.
Really appreciated the time our group got to spend together this week. The discussions and questions asked were extremely helpful to all of us. The leadership tools provided were invaluable and I will be using them to be more effective in my role. Trey is a great asset and resource for our team.
As a single mother to two boys who recently went through a divorce, meeting with Amy was so refreshing. Being able to just connect with a woman who has been through a similar experience and who can offer not only great advice, but to just listen and be a sounding board is something so valuable to me. The support I felt from Amy on our first meeting was like we had known each other for years.
I had the pleasure of meeting professionally with Amy. I’ve known Amy for many years but this was in a different perspective. I was in turmoil over looking for a career change and it needing to be more expedient than not. Amy was beneficial in many ways and gave me a timeline; basically a deadline for being done with the current position . She gave me perspective and officially “lit the fire” for me to get out of an unhealthy work environment. She also brought Trey into the mix to overview my current resume as well as cover letter. He made a few positive changes and I got to work on my deadline . The fire was lit and the task was at hand and I successfully was able to “move-on”. I’m very appreciative for both the opportunities to engage with Evolve coaches and I’m happily sitting here today in my new position. Thank you Amy and Trey for the “fire-lighting”.