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How it begins...

Three Simple Questions

It starts with three simple questions. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What is standing in your way?

Consistent Actions

Your answers to these and other questions form the basis of your action plan. But consistency is the key to your success.

Follow Up & Follow Through

We follow up to make sure you are following through and moving forward and work with you on any adjustments needed.

Successful Outcomes

Your success - defined by you, driven by you, and owned by you - is what's important to us. It's why we are here.

Your evolution begins here.
Growth & success go hand in hand. Let's get started today!

Trey Ramsey

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Amy Ramsey

Co-Founder / Managing Partner


Professional, Certified Coach

Coming in 2021!


Professional, Certified Coach

Coming in 2021!


Daniel - Regional Director

"The time our managers and supervisors spent with Trey discussing leadership, mindset, and the psychology behind all of it was very helpful! The questions he asked and the discussions we had helped us clarify our vision for our operations team and the tools and insights he shared will make us all more effective in our roles".
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Dog Days of Divorce

By on February 19, 2020

So, my ex got a new dog. I am so excited for my kids, and my ex. (And the dog, who is a rescue) Genuinely excited. For real. (That is the simple and very rational, “just the facts, M’am” version.) What’s going on in my head is this: I am the one who left our […]

Privilege, Facebook, Criticism and Gratitude

By on February 13, 2020

Yesterday was a tough one.  Nobody died, nobody got a scary diagnosis, no one lost their job.  We have money in the bank, a clean, comfortable place to live, food in the fridge. Everyone has their own car with tanks full of fuel. I have friends, and a tremendous mental health support system. I know […]

I don’t have J. Lo goals, and that’s ok…

By on February 5, 2020

Looking at social media today, I see a lot of kudos for J. Lo and Shakira for looking so AWESOME at 43 and 50, and for their energetic, sexy, and powerful performance at the Superbowl halftime show last night. I see posts about needing to go to the gym. I saw a post about “what […]

I wish I could have saved you…

By on January 30, 2020

It was late in the afternoon on a hot summer day and I was working evening shift.  It was about five or six PM and I had to stop by the station for something.  Irritated over the fact that I had to leave my beat, I concluded my business and was walking back to my patrol car […]