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Amy Ramsey

With a combined 30+ years experience in entertainment, sales, and marketing, Amy lived and worked in Japan, Greece, and other countries for over 10 years. Her careers at Disney and Neiman-Marcus afforded Amy countless opportunities to coach, mentor, and work with people around the world.

After returning to the U.S., Amy built a successful business, held high-level volunteer positions such as PTA President for Fort Worth ISD, and focused on raising her two children. The flexibility of being a business owner allowed her to focus on her family, volunteer in the community, and ultimately pursue her passion: coaching and mentoring.

After obtaining her coaching certification, Amy worked closely with individuals and groups on confidence, empowerment, setting boundaries, limiting beliefs, and reaching personal and professional goals. She also focuses on individuals and couples as they seek to strengthen connection and build authentic relationships. In 2019, Amy co-founded Evolve Coaching Group with her husband, Trey. Evolve allows Amy to share her experiences, insights, and effective tools with a global audience.

Leader, coach, speaker, author, and inspirational force, Amy obtained her professional coaching certification through JRNI Coaching, an ICF-accredited program. Amy is a USPA competitive powerlifter so when she’s not engaging clients, researching, or writing, she can be found in the gym. Amy currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and is the proud mom of Harper and Spencer, and the proud stepmom of Jesseca and Jackson.


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We are Texans, and we are parents.
The last 2 days after the Ross elementary school shooting in Uvalde have left us feeling all sorts of feelings.

Grief, anger, fear, shock, empathy, sadness, and it left us all feeling exhausted.

Today, on day 3, I got up and took a good hot shower. I put some good smelling lotion on, and blow dried my hair.
I put a little makeup on, and had something healthy to eat.

I filled my water jug and drank.
If that is all I do today, that’s a start.

That may sound like a lot to you, or you may need to do more.
Take action.
Small, or big. Up to you.

If you need another day, and day 3 isn’t the day, maybe day 4 will be.

But I can tell you, dear friends, that getting into action after something like this takes whatever time you need.

Grief has no timeline. You don’t have to “ get over it” or “ suck it up” on someone else’s idea of a timeline.

I hope this helps you. Reach out to your friends, ask how they are. See if you can be helpful. You never know what someone needs unless you ask. ❤️✌🏼
#grief #empathy #action #trauma #heavy #exhausted #refresh

Taking that first step, scheduling that appointment, filling out that registration, setting your foot in the door takes courage, but it all starts when you say “I want to___”
or “ I really should___”

Listen to that inner voice. ❤️
I am rooting for you!!

Inspired by @caitlinbebb (love you)

Do you find yourself saying “I’m sorry” when you actually have nothing to apologize for?
Do you start simple requests with “I’m sorry”?
Do you feel as if you need to apologize for merely existing or taking up space?

Here are a few things to consider when you feel an “ I’m Sorry” coming up in your throat.

– have you wronged someone?
-are you asking a simple question?
-are you apologizing for something you didn’t cause?
-would an “excuse me” fit better? Like getting past someone in the store, or getting to your seat on a plane?
-is someone actually suffering?

I found that changing this simple habit has built confidence.

I am not at all saying to erase those words from your vocabulary, because there are definitely times when “ I’m sorry” is warranted, like if you run over someone’s toe with your shopping cart.

But if you are apologizing for standing in front of the soups trying to find Cream of Celery, or needing to reach for an avocado when someone is trying to find a ripe one, that’s an “ excuse me” situation.

Tip: You can even throw in a “Thank you” and “finding any good ones?” to put the other person at ease. ❤️🥑

This week, notice when you’re in these situations, and stop to consider if you are apologizing for taking up space, or merely existing, OR if you have actually done something to apologize for.
Is it an “I’m sorry” or an “Excuse me”situation?

I am rooting for you!! ❤️Amy

You’re changing, we all are.
Some of us are working with coaches and therapists, and some are just evolving and growing at a normal pace.

We are all experiencing this at different rates, and sometimes that can mean outgrowing relationships.

Friendships that were once very comfortable have become different.
Many factors contribute to these changes.
You may have traveled, moved, started new hobbies, or set upon a journey of self-discovery.
Your view of life and the world has changed.
Some friends or family members grow in similar directions, and some grow in opposite directions, or just not at your same pace.
Beliefs change.
Opinions change.
Lenses change.
You can have history with someone, but conversations become more superficial with some, and deeper with others.
This isn’t always permanent, but sometimes it is, and both are okay.
Growth and change are both inevitable, but can sometimes be painful.
Open up about these changes in your relationships, and observe the level of receptiveness, that’s where you’ll get the cues as to next steps.
But never be ashamed of your growth, and try to be accepting and understanding of someone else’s growth.
I am rooting for you!❤️
#evolve #grow #connection #friendships #family #love #change #growth #evolvecoachinggroup

Toxic or controlling people HATE when you set a boundary with them.
They either take it as a personal attack, or they will ask you to explain why.

Their reaction to your boundary doesn’t make it EASY to set it and enforce it, especially if it’s a new thing for you to set boundaries.
Do it anyway.
I’m rooting for you!! -Amy❤️
#boundaries #relationships #evolveconnectgrow #evolvecoachinggroup

We owe them an environment that focuses on their potential, not their problems; one that values them as a person, not simply as a means to an end; one in which we show them possibilities, not limitations.

#evolvecoachinggroup #evolveconnectgrow #emotionalintelligence #leadership #growthmindset #peoplematter #culturematters #mindsetmatters

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