Fear and Spiders

By on January 21, 2020

Has your child ever yelled in terror for you to come running because there is a HUGE spider – one they are SURE is a black widow or brown recluse – in their room and they need you to kill it?  You run in there with all of your supplies: a cup, a sheet of paper, […]

Men Don’t Talk About Such Things

By on January 10, 2020

Pain, hurt, trauma, men don’t talk about such things. At least that’s what a lot of us are taught from an early age.  I was no different.  We are supposed to be tough, meaning we are not to show emotions or feelings because to do so is to show weakness, unless they are emotions of […]

Peaches & Coconuts

By on December 23, 2019

Think about a ripe peach – beautiful color, delicious sweet and peachy smell, enticing, inviting. Take a deep breath in through your nose. You can almost imagine it, can’t you? Ever been peach picking in the Texas Hill Country in the summer? OMG, yum! Peaches almost beckon you to take a bite, I’d consider peaches […]

Kids, Control, and Co-Parenting

By on December 16, 2019

Even with the best intentions, and an agreement in place, sharing custody of kids after divorce can be stressful, and there are times when I feel powerless. For someone like me who is prone to control issues, it can be frustrating.  I consider myself to be pretty fortunate that my ex-husband and I have an […]