highly sensitive person
4 Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person

4 minute read highly sensitive person At first glance, you would think that means that I just get super emotional and cry easily, or that I lose my shit on the regular over stuff you think is no big deal. Which if you … Read More

all this shit
All This Shit

5 minute read all this shit When disaster strikes, we experience the initial shock, organize to respond, adapt, recover, and move forward. As time passes, we are reminded of the incident, and react emotionally to the memory. But that emotion swells and subsides. … Read More

great leaders
Great Leaders: Leadership Defined

3 minute read There are a number of great leaders out there. You might be one of them. But what is leadership? Leadership is the use of social influence to inspire peak performance in others as they work to reach a goal. That … Read More

make it
He Wasn’t Going to Make It

2 minute read On paper, he wasn’t going to make it – no directly related experience, no certifications, no education relevant to the position. With almost no interviewing experience, he was understandably nervous and quiet. We were hiring an oilfield trainer, and he … Read More

Boomers vs. Millenials: Bridging the Gaps

Generational gaps in the workplace can be challenging to overcome and they can severely impact operations. Older generations in manager and supervisor roles can have real difficulty relating to employees from younger generations who are just starting out, and vice versa. … Read More

professional coaching and consulting
Transforming Culture & Building Community

A lot of attention is given to an organization’s culture, especially during challenging times. Change is a requirement of adaptation and growth, for people and businesses alike. But how do you go about changing an organization’s culture? … Read More

Bobby Butler

Trey is a consummate professional in the corporate training and continuous learning space for both office and field-based personnel.

Alaine C.

I had the pleasure of meeting professionally with Amy. I’ve known Amy for many years but this was in a different perspective. I was in turmoil over looking for a career change and it needing to be more expedient than … Read More

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