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Amy Ramsey in the gym
Self Love

2 minute read Trey always makes me feel beautiful and sexy, and I believe he truly sees me that way. I have worked hard on my fitness, and I feel like for my age I look pretty good, but I have to be … Read More

Girl releasing a hear-shaped balloon showing relationship between grief and connection.
Grief and Connection

3 minute read grief and connection I became familiar with David Kessler’s work on grief and connection at the beginning of the pandemic (remember that? when we were all hoarding toilet paper?). David is a grief expert, and his work touches on all … Read More

Coach Trey staring at cieling
A Bad Day

5 minute read Sunday Sunday started off a bad day. Woke up about seven-thirty feeling like crap. Everything hurt. I didn’t sleep well, and I had a headache – both a result of too much wine the night before. “Should be brighter in … Read More

Thank You!

THANK YOU! You have subscribed to Evolve Coaching Group’s Insights! We appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy our content! As a reminder, your privacy is important to us. We will never spam you, market to you, or share … Read More

those who take advantage
Those Who Take

2 minute read I am able to muster up empathy for most people, but not those who take advantage of young girls, and cast them aside like rubbish when they’re done. Ghislaine Maxwell is human garbage. And her being convicted on 5 of … Read More

safe calm relaxed
Our Mutual Need

3 minute read My husband, Trey, and I aren’t “perfect,” BUT we do share something very rare and that is our MUTUAL need for deep connection, vulnerability, honesty, understanding, and intimacy. We are both able to express our needs without fear. We BOTH … Read More

Are We Born to Lead?

3 minute read A few years ago, I asked a group of managers what it takes to become a leader. Their director (who had stopped in “just to observe”) raised his hand in the back of the room and said, “You’re either born … Read More

When I knew
When I Knew

5 minute read One sunny Friday morning in early May of 2017, we sat down at a small table in a crowded coffee shop off Western Center Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. Amy was wearing glasses and a short summer dress – sexy … Read More

Between Two Worlds

6 minute read Ladies… Picture this… You’re married to someone you’ve been friends with since high school. You have two young kids. Your husband is a kind person, unassuming to a fault, with no hidden agenda or malice in his heart whatsoever. Unfortunately, … Read More

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