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Leadership & Management

This course provides participants with an understanding of the psychological aspects of effective leadership and people management. We explore the definition of leadership, the critical role that mindset plays in our effectiveness as leaders, and teaches participants how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs. By exploring and discussing the traits of successful leaders, this course provides participants with the insights and strategies needed to effectively steer struggling, average, or high-performing teams towards success.

People Management I

People Management I focuses on developing essential skills for effective people management. Participants will learn about the importance of confidence and healthy boundaries in the workplace, as well as the critical role self-awareness plays in leadership. This course also covers key time management techniques, including prioritizing, task grouping, and avoiding the Cognitive Switching Penalty. Participants will also gain insight into how to empower and delegate to employees, and when not to do so.

People Management II

People Management II builds upon the skills and knowledge developed in People Management I, delving deeper into the key considerations for effective people management. Participants will learn about common pitfalls to avoid, such as failing to provide feedback, failing to live up to promises, public discipline, and others. Additionally, this class highlights the keys to success in people management, including effective communication, accountability, building relationships, making the transition from peer to boss, and others.

Effective Communication

This course is designed to help participants master the art of effective communication. It covers the three components of communication – verbal, paraverbal, and nonverbal – and provides practical tools and techniques to improve communication skills, including mirroring, labeling, tactical empathy, and powerful questions. Additionally, this course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate difficult conversations, as well as provide guidance on the appropriate use of email in the workplace.

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders provides an overview of a coaching-based approach to leadership for business leaders and people managers. With a focus on creating a high-performance culture, this course introduces participants to the fundamental principles of coaching individuals and teams. The coaching style of leadership has been demonstrated to be a highly effective method for maximizing individual and team performance. This course provides an introduction to its key concepts the discipline of coaching, emotional intelligence, active listening, coaching questions, and the GROW model.

Operational Excellence

This course provides an introduction to a model for continuous improvement that can be easily adopted by field teams. Operational excellence is a team culture devoted to knowledge, self-evaluation, continuous improvement, and integrity, and emphasizes the importance of learning, adherence to standards, a questioning attitude, ownership, and integrity. The application of these different components is discussed in a way that makes them relevant and relatable to the world field leaders and managers live and work in every day.

The Process of Success

This course explores the fundamental principles of building the habits of effective leadership. It helps participants understand the importance of small changes and incremental improvement, and the relationship between habits and effective leadership. Participants will learn about self-awareness, behavior change, the patterns our habits follow and more. Additionally, key insights necessary for sustained motivation for change, the relationship between goals and systems, and the ways in which habits impact who we are as leaders, are discussed.

Limiting Beliefs

This course is designed to help individuals understand and overcome the limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are negative self-talk and attitudes that we have internalized about ourselves, the world, and life. Some common examples of limiting beliefs include “I’m not smart enough,” “Change isn’t possible here,” or “Management will never go for that.” This course will explore the nature of limiting beliefs and how they are formed. Individuals will gain valuable insights and practical tools for breaking free from limiting beliefs and unlocking their full potential.

Process of
Success – Building the Habits of Effective Leaders

This program explore a framework for creating lasting change in individuals working to adopt the habits of effective leaders. It consists of three sessions that explore incremental improvement, changing habit patterns, and the role self-awareness plays in behavior change.

  • Session 1 – the value of incremental improvement, self-awareness, recognizing triggers of ineffective behavior patterns, and creating positive triggers.
  • Session 2 – using triggered impulses to our advantage and setting up our environment to make positive impulse responses easy
  • Session 3 – creating response/reward systems to establish the behavior patterns of effective leaders and tools needed to sustain motivation.

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching concepts and tools can help business leaders maximize individual and team performance. This four-session program provides a framework and tools for developing a coaching style of leadership.

  • Session 1 – participants will learn about coaching and a coaching style of leadership, and how to create a high-performance culture.
  • Session 2 – the principles of coaching, emotional intelligence, leaders as coaches, and creating self-confident, self-governing teams.
  • Session 3 – practical tools for putting coaching into practice, coaching questions, active listening, the GROW model, and coaching for purpose.
  • Session 4 – the application of coaching for business leaders, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and a review of the program’s content.

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