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A well-rounded, hands-on, innovative leader with a combined 20+ years of training, coaching, and consulting experience, Trey co-founded and currently leads Evolve Coaching Group alongside his wife, Amy.

Prior to launching Evolve, Trey served as the Training Director for Superior Energy Services, the 5th largest oilfield services provider in the world. He has held leadership and management positions at both AT&T and Sprint, and served as a trainer, coach, and mentor to both new and experienced police officers during his tenure in law enforcement.

Trey holds a BA from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA from Baker University. He has completed graduate studies in International Affairs at Texas A&M University, and studies in Leadership Development at HarvardX. He holds a professional coaching certification through JRNI Coaching, an ICF accredited program.

Trey’s passion and expertise is in the areas of leadership, management, and mindset. He focuses on business culture, workplace community, as well as structure, and processes. He enjoys connecting with individuals and organizations to create a collaborative, results-oriented environment that fuels both individual and team success across all levels.

Leader, coach, trainer, speaker, and author, Trey currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. A proud dad to Jesseca and Jackson, he is also a proud stepdad of Harper and Spencer. When not biking or in the gym, Trey can be found reading, playing guitar, and spending time with family.

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Do you have that friend who always reminds you of just how awesome you are, and how strong, capable, and brilliant you are?
Are you that person for your friends?
Then that jerkface inner critic steps in and tells you a bunch of negative bullshit?
That voice needs to be drowned out! That inner critic is ALWAYS exaggerated or totally full of it anyway.
#innerhypegirl #innercriticstfu #innerhypeman #badass

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Not just in the gym.
Nobody overcomes obstacles without a little discomfort.
You can’t heal without effort.
You can’t grow and improve without pushing your limits.
Rest up, you have work to do! #sunday #nolimits #grow #evolve #goalsetting

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Live intentionally. It’s not painless or easy, and it’s not about being happy, though intentional living brings moments of happiness along the way. It’s about creating a life that is meaningful to you and authoring a story you can be proud of.

#evolvecoachinggroup #evolveconnectgrow #meaning #mindset #growthmindset #evolution

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Ill be worthy when I lose 10 pounds
Ill be worthy when I finish writing this book
Ill be worthy when I get pregnant
Ill be worthy if I am a good enough parent
Ill be worthy when my bank account has 5 digits( or shit, even 4 digits! )
Ill be worthy if I have no cellulite
Ill be worthy if I get my mental health under control
Iil be worthy when I get 10k followers
Ill be worthy when I have my shit together.

Sound familiar?

What prerequisites are you putting on yourself?

Where is the finish line you’ll cross and you’ll suddenly feel like you’re finally enough?

Your life up to this minute is what makes you worthy. Your experiences, what you know, RIGHT NOW.

That does not mean you’re done. You’ve got plenty left to do in this incredible life of yours!

Grow, evolve, transform. But you’re already worthy of belonging. You already have so much to offer this world!

You don’t need a trophy or a certificate to prove your worth. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at this precise moment in time, with the path in front of you, and the past behind you.

#evolveconnectgrow #evolvecoachinggroup #limitingbeliefs #unlimitedpotential #worthy #love #happiness #youareenough

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Comparing your wounds to someone else’s won’t make either of you heal faster. #holdingspaceforyou #speakup #yourstorymatters #vulnerability #healing #evolvecoachinggroup #dontsufferinsilence #openup

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“Don’t should all over yourself”

The right people will love you for who you are, not what you have. You don’t need to alter yourself for anyone to be loved and accepted. If you do, those aren’t your people.
So be you.

If you’ve lost who that is, examine your core beliefs and align your life with those.

What truly fills your cup?
What inspires you?
What gets you excited?
What are you passionate about.
Have you suppressed those dreams, goals, or pursuits for approval from someone else, or for what you think you’re “supposed” to do?

If you are living a life that isn’t aligned with what YOU truly want, and you’re living a life for someone else’s approval, you aren’t living YOUR life.

Find yourself again. The real version. Peel back the layers to your true essence. You’re in there.
#authenticliving #therealyou #acceptance #superficial #losingyourselfinmarriage #losingyourselfinrelationships #viastrengthsfinder #character #truth #evolvecoachinggroup

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