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A well-rounded, hands-on, innovative leader with a combined 20+ years of training, coaching, and consulting experience, Trey co-founded and currently leads Evolve Coaching Group alongside his wife, Amy.

Prior to launching Evolve, Trey served as the Training Director for Superior Energy Services, the 5th largest oilfield services provider in the world. He has held leadership and management positions at both AT&T and Sprint, and served as a trainer, coach, and mentor to both new and experienced police officers during his tenure in law enforcement.

Trey holds a BA from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA from Baker University. He has completed graduate studies in International Affairs at Texas A&M University, and studies in Leadership Development at HarvardX. He holds a professional coaching certification through JRNI Coaching, an ICF accredited program.

Trey’s passion and expertise is in the areas of leadership, management, and mindset. He focuses on business culture, workplace community, as well as structure, and processes. He enjoys connecting with individuals and organizations to create a collaborative, results-oriented environment that fuels both individual and team success across all levels.

Leader, coach, trainer, speaker, and author, Trey currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. A proud dad to Jesseca and Jackson, he is also a proud stepdad of Harper and Spencer. When not biking or in the gym, Trey can be found reading, playing guitar, and spending time with family.

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Doesn’t matter what the goal is… consistency is the key to success in any endeavor.

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Here it is.
Permission slip to do the thing.
Set the boundary.
Start the program.
Leave the toxic environment.
Set the date.
Make the call.
Take the action.
Say no.
Tell the truth.
Express the concern.
Eat the cupcake.
Turn off the phone.
Delete the comment.
Distance yourself from the person.
Whatever is it, however uncomfortable it feels, no matter who it disappoints, HERE IS YOUR OFFICIAL PERMISSION SLIP.


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Our beliefs either serve us well and help move us forward, or they limit us and hold us back.

The awesome thing about our beliefs is that we can change them. It may take time and effort. It may even be painful. But we can change them and begin the process of rebirth and renewal.

It’s never too late…

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-Message someone you’re thinking about them, for no reason.
-If you see someone post something exciting, tell them how happy you are for them, even if it has been a while since you spoke to them.
-compliment someone, even a stranger, you never know how that can boost their confidence.
-raise your hand and participate
-volunteer to help
-Break the silence.
Don’t wait for someone to ask, if you see someone you can help, do it.
Don’t wait for her to apologize. Apologize first. Humble yourself. Be vulnerable. See what happens when you do.
If that sounds impossible, that’s your ego talkin.

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It’s interesting to me when business leaders are looking for ways to make their teams “more resilient” – and it’s a red flag.

I mean, navigating a difficult situation, market challenge, or global pandemic is one thing. Needing your employees to be more resilient to survive your organization’s toxic culture is another.

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