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A well-rounded, hands-on, innovative leader with a combined 20+ years of training, coaching, and consulting experience, Trey co-founded and currently leads Evolve Coaching Group alongside his wife, Amy.

Prior to launching Evolve, Trey served as the Training Director for Superior Energy Services, the 5th largest oilfield services provider in the world. He has held leadership and management positions at both AT&T and Sprint, and served as a trainer, coach, and mentor to both new and experienced police officers during his tenure in law enforcement.

Trey holds a BA from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA from Baker University. He has completed graduate studies in International Affairs at Texas A&M University, and studies in Leadership Development at HarvardX. He holds a professional coaching certification through JRNI Coaching, an ICF accredited program.

Trey’s passion and expertise is in the areas of leadership, management, and mindset. He focuses on business culture, workplace community, as well as structure, and processes. He enjoys connecting with individuals and organizations to create a collaborative, results-oriented environment that fuels both individual and team success across all levels.

Leader, coach, trainer, speaker, and author, Trey currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. A proud dad to Jesseca and Jackson, he is also a proud stepdad of Harper and Spencer. When not biking or in the gym, Trey can be found reading, playing guitar, and spending time with family.

trey ramsey


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A lot of men say they want a “strong woman”.

Well, they say that until a strong woman starts doing strong woman shit. Then it’s like, “Oh you’re too much” or “Why do you have to cause a scene?”. Here’s one I’ve heard before, “She’s incredible but it bothers me that she cusses so much.” Really?

Guys – I get it – you see this strong, independent woman who dares to push boundaries as well as set them. You listen to her as she speaks her mind openly, uninhibited and unafraid.

But unless you’ve done the work yourself and reached a certain level of self-awareness and resiliency, you’re drawn to her because she possess qualities you do not. You don’t want her; you want the same strength and energy she has, but you want it for yourself.

And your also a little frightened by her, maybe a little intimidated, which excites you even more. She’s “not like the other girls I’ve dated”. No brother – she’s not. And if your not careful, you’re gonna find out firsthand just how unlike those others she truly is.

So if you find yourself attracted to a strong woman, stop trying to force your own self-limiting beliefs and these antiquated societal expectations onto her. That won’t go well for you, trust me. Leave her alone and you go do the work she’s done. Find the coaching or therapy you need. Unpack your shit and start dealing with it. You’re going to be a lot better off in both the short and long run if you do.

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I had written a long, drawn out post and ended up deleting it because the bottom line is this: when someone possesses authentic confidence in themselves, we are either inspired by and drawn to that person, or annoyed by them. There is very little middle ground.

I’m not talking about arrogant posturing, false bravado, or genuine assholes. I’m talking about self-assured individuals who are genuinely confident in who they are and what they are doing.

Why are some people annoyed by this? Most often it’s because they lack confidence themselves and they know it.

You see, confidence lies at the point where our thoughts and actions, values, and purpose intersect. We are each responsible for creating that point within ourselves and when we do, it’s extremely empowering. But for almost all of us, creating that point requires us to change in some way. Change means taking risks, and humans are extremely risk averse.

So if confident people annoy you, make sure it’s not because they have something you want. And if they do, look within yourself and start making the changes you need to make. It will be hard but OH so worth it.

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Sometimes that’s all you need to do.

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If they want to be an asshole,
put you down,
start a debate,
or talk shit about others,
and you keep allowing it, and engaging in it, it’s allowing negativity into your space.
Keep the space around you bright, surround yourself with positive, exciting, fun and creative folks, and watch your level of joy change!

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Take the nap. Set the boundary. Say no to the extra work. You can’t give your best to anyone if you’re spiritually, mentally, or physically exhausted.

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