Trey Ramsey

Trey Ramsey - Bio

Trey Ramsey is the Principal and Co-Founder of Evolve Coaching Group, bringing over 20 years of experience in training, coaching, and consulting to the table.

Prior to starting Evolve, he served as the Training Director at Superior Energy Services and held various leadership positions at AT&T and T-Mobile (Sprint). He also honed his coaching skills as a trainer and mentor to police officers during his law enforcement career.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, an MBA from Baker University, and graduate studies in International Affairs from Texas A&M University, Trey is a certified professional coach through an ICF-accredited program. His passion lies in leadership, management, and mindset, helping individuals and teams maximize their performance, culture, programs, and processes.

Trey lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife, Amy, and their family. In his free time, he enjoys reading, powerlifting, playing piano, and spending time with loved ones.